2023 Latest Sunscreen “Athletia’s Attractiveness”

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Demonstrate the ideal performance with "set use"!  2STEP Minimal skin care that leads to sticky skin.

STEP1 Starter oil that softens and activates the skin

Athletia Core Balance Oil 50ml

The oil layer of the two-layer beauty essence contains 10 types of plant moisturizing oils including omega-3 and omega-6, and the water layer contains a rich amount of Bio Energetic Complex, a unique moisturizing ingredient that focuses on the moisture balance of the stratum corneum. Formulated. Blends smoothly to soften the skin, assisting the skin's ability to become beautiful on its own. With the scent of essential oils, you can relax and be positive.

STEP2 Choose your favorite lotion!!

Smooth and healthy skin that tends to fluctuate,
such as dryness and stickiness

Athletia Core Balance Conditioning Lotion 95ml

For all kinds of skin that tends to fluctuate due to the environment and the seasons, such as dry and stiff, sticky and rough skin. Our unique Bio Energetic Complex moisturizes, while mineral-rich natural clay (skin conditioning ingredient) forms a layer that mimics the stratum corneum, protecting moisture and leaving the surface smooth and dry. A refreshing and relaxing scent.

Recommended for times like this! 

  • dry and rough
  • I want to reduce stickiness!
  • It seems to fluctuate with sebum

Aiming for suppleness without blurring.
Fresh and moist

Athletia Core Balance Toning Lotion 150ml 

Contains a high amount of Bio Energetic Complex, a moisturizing ingredient that symbolizes Athletia, which is a unique blend of Angelica keiskei extract, perilla extract, and fermented rice extract. Penetrates and moisturizes the stratum corneum with a fresh, strong scent that is reminiscent of lavender and mint with spicy accents.

Recommended for times like this! 

  • I want to moisturize
  • I want to prevent dry fluctuations
  • I want to improve my skin condition!


New UV line-up with excellent usability
With the two colors of coral and green, it blocks UV rays and dryness even during active days while leading to a healthy and complex skin impression that Athletia cherishes. Of course, don't forget your lips.

Athletia Skin Protection UV Gel C 01 RUDDY COMPLEXION
SPF30/PA+++ 30g

The gel texture that spreads smoothly and feels smooth on the skin. The fresh scent of natural plant essential oils envelops the skin in a refreshing, non-squeaky, comfortable fit. Coral 01 compensates for dark circles and dullness with mineral-derived pigments and pearls, turning on a natural complexion. The durability to sweat and water is perfect, too.

Athletia Skin Protection UV Gel C 02 BRIGHT OCEAN
SPF30・PA+++ 30g

The color UV gel, which has a skin color correction effect and is resistant to sweat during training, is designed in consideration of the regulations of some countries, regions, and beaches (01 is also the same). The refreshing green helps to smooth out the redness of your skin, and soft-focuses the conspicuous pores. A UV scattering agent is wrapped in soybean-derived emulsifier (hydrogenated lecithin) to create a tone-up effect that is smooth and does not creak. 


Athletia Lip Protection Essence SPF10 10g

One that can be said to be the daytime version of the lip oil essence that won 4th place in the best cosmetics special care category in the second half of VOCE 2022. Lips with thin skin that are easily damaged by UV rays and dryness are moisturized and moisturized while giving them a glossy finish. 92% natural index, combining plant-derived gelling agent and liquid oil*natural formula.

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