It is fresh to “stack” coin necklaces

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A fine jewelry brand that enjoys luxurious materials every day Modern yet timeless
jewelry with sophisticated designs. The "brilliance" and "beauty" created by the use of various colors and skillful techniques should express your personality.
The keywords are "high sensitivity", "everyday sense", "genuine-oriented", and I want you to always shine as a woman, not just on special occasions. With such a wish, we propose her jewelry "COCOSHNIK" that can be enjoyed daily with her international craft feeling for all women living today.
The popularity of coin necklaces is boiling again this spring!
We also pay attention to various designs, but depending on the combination, it will give a completely different impression. Rely on seasonal combinations for a pleasant spring.
1.Casually with a Y-shaped necklace
Coordinating with a Y-shaped necklace gives the coin necklace a novelty this spring. Both are familiar items, so you can easily challenge them.
diamond wave plate necklace   
oval twist chain necklace

cut chain Y-shaped necklace

2.Station necklace with a feeling of omission
Coordinates with the "station necklace" in which the same parts are arranged at the same intervals. The brilliance that changes here and there is a layering that you can't see.
coin Motif Leaf Cut Necklace 
half-round station necklace


 3.Sprinkle similar brilliance
Layer similar sparkles on coin necklaces with wavy textures.
It's a perfect combination for days when you want to be sharp.

wave plate round necklace large 


twisted oval plate chain necklace     long chain
The finely crafted coin motif necklace is wonderful to match with a long chain.
If you put on a gilet or jacket, you can add a vertical effect and look neat.


kiriko*mill necklace

pipe station necklace

During this time when you have more opportunities to go out, please refer to the seasonal jewelry coordination.

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