Look at the new cosmetics at once! [Released in April 2023]

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Osakamachi has gathered new cosmetic information that will be delivered in order of their release dates. We encourage you to plan ahead for your shopping and take note of the release dates, which are just around the corner. Don't miss out on the latest products, and be sure to include them in your shopping list as soon as possible.

1. Denim color x lilac limited eyeshadow

Summer 2023 cosmetics inspired by Guerlain's love of nature. The limited edition eyeshadow, which is the highlight, is a set of four fresh colors based on the theme of "dazzling brilliance of nature in summer". Casual down with gold and brown reminiscent of "bees" in the garden, with blue and lilac reminiscent of vintage denim as the main characters . Although it is a palette full of playfulness, it blends well with the skin and gives you a stylish eye with summer air.

2. “Rouge Je” case also has a limited design

The popular lipstick "Rouge Je" has been nicknamed "the finest jewelry for your lips" and now comes with an exclusive case designed in conjunction with the eyeshadow. Two types of cases are available, each with a different flower motif. Simply select your favorite lip color from the existing lineup and pair it with your preferred case for a personalized look. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your lipstick game with the perfect accessory.

3. New color for the popular “KissKiss Be Glow”


The new colors of "Honey Pack Tint" and "Kiss Kiss Be Glow" are now available nationwide. These products feature the natural benefits of French honey and offer a soft rosewood hue with a honey-like luster, creating a captivating and floral lip look. These lip products also provide a luscious texture that melts like honey and provide plump, moisturizing lip care. Don't miss out on this perfect addition to your makeup collection.

4. New teak that achieves “natural complexion and transparency”


Introducing the new "RMK Pure Complexion Blush" - the perfect blush for achieving a transparent and natural complexion. The key to achieving a trendy look is pure coloring that is not overstated. This blush offers a veil-like thin film that melts into the skin and naturally enhances the beauty of bare skin.

With 10 available colors, you'll be sure to find the perfect shade for you. The beige undertones in all colors improve skin familiarity, while the good color development allows you to wear the impression of the color as it is. The delicate "pearl feeling" also creates a three-dimensional effect on the cheeks, adding to the attractive features of this product.

The powder contains moisturizing ingredients such as squalane and paste oil, making it easy to apply with just one brush while still maintaining high color development. Enjoy a naturally beautiful complexion with the "RMK Pure Complexion Blush".

5. UZU "Eye Opening Liner" has evolved!

“Eye Opening Liner” Renewal Points
■For more stable color development
・In order to prevent blurring of color during use, not only raw materials and formulations, but also the structure and internal mechanism of the brush tip have been reviewed and updated.
■Container quality upgrade
・In order to solve the cause of cap loosening and detachment, both the cap and body parts have been changed to resin materials.
・In order to prevent liquid leakage, an internationally patented internal mechanism is adopted.
・Aiming to further improve the writing comfort, the brush and felt are also updated from the materials. The brushes are hand-kneaded by a brush craftsman who has inherited traditional techniques, resulting in an easy-to-use brush that does not require any special techniques. Both the material and shape of the felt tip have been renewed, so that the beauty of stable color development can be maintained for a long time.
■ Redefinition of "weight"
・Challenge to optimize weight so that it can be used "like an extension of the hand".
■Review of package
・Boldly changed the design considering not only the raw materials but also the environmental load in the manufacturing and molding process. Significantly increased the usage rate of recycled materials.

6. Ettusais "Spring nuance color" makeup

In the third installment, Ettusais's popular eyebrow mascara "Ettusais Eye Edition (Brow Mascara) EX" has been renewed. It has evolved from the conventional fluffy matte finish to a slightly glossy finish.

There are 5 ash-based nuance colors that blend in without floating. Contains ash pearls that create a sense of transparency and softness, creating natural trendy eyebrows. 

7. Sparkling cheeks bathed in soft sunlight


01 flowering orchard : Gorgeous flower pink like a garden full of flowers
02 sunny veil : Glow ivory like a veil illuminated by the sun
03 afternoon walk : Calm and soft coral pink like an afternoon walk
04 daytime mirage : Pale pink that shines lovely like daytime fantasy
05 dazzling snow : Dazzling pearl that twinkles like falling snow
101 berry drop : Sweet and juicy berry pink like a berry drop (limited color)
102 water reflection : Sparkling blue that sparkles like the surface of water (limited color)

The highlight of summer makeup is the new teak “Meltisimmer Blush”. By blending various pearls, it is a cheek color that shimmers as if bathed in the soft sun. It spreads smoothly on the skin and adheres firmly to the oil-rich and squishy feel. In addition, it has a transparent finish that does not fade easily over time and maintains a natural luster and shine.

Available in 7 colors, from bright flower pink to pale dazzle pearl and pale pink. Two of the seven colors, sweet berry pink and refreshing sparkling blue, are summer-only colors.

8. Pastel-colored limited teak

Pastel-colored fluffy cheek “Pastel Chiffon Blush” is a limited release. Available in three colors: gentle pale lavender, coral pink, and baby pink. The soft powder adheres to the skin moistly, and the pale color is attractive as if you were wearing silk chiffon.

9. Eye makeup inspired by “flowers that bloom in early summer” 

Bloom Couture Eyes, a 5-color eyeshadow with petal motifs , includes new colors inspired by "flowers blooming in soft light." The line-up includes two colors: beige pink, which is lovely like a petunia flower, and beige coral, which is a warm zinnia. Also, be sure to check out the limited edition case that looks like a beautiful impressionist painting.

10. Summer limited color lipstick

Finish off your makeup with Rouge Lip Blossom, a lipstick that features smooth application and a glowing finish. Gorgeous purple and milky orange are lined up as summer limited colors. In addition to the high adhesion of botanical wax , it has a moisturizing effect, long-lasting color, and clear color, so please experience the beautiful finish.


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