"New cosmetics for spring 2023" Enjoy spring ahead of time! Sakura cosmetics

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Get ready for the arrival of spring in 2023 with our delightful collection of Sakura cosmetics, set to launch one after another!

To list of spring new item cosmetics special feature>>>>>
  1. [THREE] “Jubilee Collection” to color spring
  2. [Jill Stuart] Fragrance and design inspired by double cherry
  3. [Lululun] Limited quantity face mask to combat rough skin in spring
  4. [suisai] Spring-scented facial cleanser is here again this year

An eyeshadow palette that brings out pure transparency


THREE Jubilee Collection Palette 2023
release date 2023/03/03


Limited new liquid lip color


THREE Divine Lip Gem
release date 2023/01/01 (2023/03/03 additional release)
Limited 1 color



Amethyst-colored crystal reminiscent of double cherry blossoms at dawn



jill stuart Crystal Bloom Sakura Bouquet Eau de Parfum
Release date 2023/2/24
Limited 1 type


A hand cream that spreads the scent of “Sakura Bouquet”
from your fingertips


jill stuart Crystal Bloom Sakura Bouquet Perfumed Hand Cream
Release date 2023/2/24
Limited 1 type


Achieve delicate color and translucent eyes


jill stuart Bloom Couture Eyes "17 sakura fantasy"
Release date 2023/2/24
Limited 1 type


With light pink, raise each eyelash one by one


jill stuart Blooming Rush Nuance Curler “09 cherry wink”
Release date 2023/2/24
Limited 1 color


Lips and cheeks that color softly and gently


jill stuart Bloom Drop Lip & Cheek Chiffon
"103 sakura blush" "104 sunny cherry"
Release date 2023/2/24
Limited 2 colors


A tint lip that turns a natural complexion pink


Jill Stuart  Sakura Bouquet My Lips Petal Touch
release date 2023/2/24
limited one color


Tightly condensing the power of spring flowers


LuLuLun Premium LuLuLun Sakura (Sakura Fragrance)
Release date 2019/02/23 (2023/02/15 additional release)


For a fun cleansing time with pale cherry blossom powder


Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N Sakura & Peach Fragrance
Release date 2023/2/11 Additional release
Limited 1 type


Experience the joy of cherry blossoms with our range of cosmetics that capture the color and scent of these beautiful blooms.
Using our products is sure to make you happy from the very first moment. Don't forget to hit the "Like" button on the cosmetics that catch your eye, so you can easily revisit them later. Check out our collection now and be ahead of the game when spring arrives!

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