Looking To Address Rough Skin? Look No Further Than E LLXIR'S Smooth Gel Wash, The Ultimate Solution For Your Skin Concerns!

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I'm a big fan of foaming facial cleansers, but I was skeptical about buying one that comes out as foam from a pump-type product. I didn't trust its effectiveness in deeply cleansing my face. Using a foam-free gel just didn't give me that satisfying feeling of a thorough wash. However, when I received a Small sample of this product and gave it a try, I was pleasantly surprised. As a firm believer in the power of foam, I approached Store staff with my concerns. "Is it okay if the foam isn't present to clean out the pores and grooves?" I asked. Confidently, Store staff replied, "The scrub effectively removes dirt while keeping the skin moisturized!" Despite my initial doubts, I decided to give it a go, and I must say, it left my face feeling incredibly clean, smooth, and soft.

The scent of this cleanser is a refreshing citrus, specifically called orange floral. It's a nice change of pace from the unscented dpro facial cleanser that I usually use. It not only provides a pleasant experience but also offers a time-saving and relaxing effect when I'm tired and just want to go to sleep as quickly as possible. It has become a reliable companion during my busiest and most stressful days.

Even though I have dry skin, this cleanser doesn't leave my face looking shiny after washing. I believe that young people with normal skin will find it equally moisturizing. However, I must admit that I still have a soft spot for foaming cleansers. This product serves as a backup option for when I'm feeling exhausted or in a rush. While I typically prefer foam-based cleansers, this one stands out because it produces a high-quality lather, leaving me feeling refreshed. Moreover, it has the added benefit of softening my skin, which brings me great satisfaction. I consider it a wonderful gift for busy individuals and moms with small children who may appreciate its effectiveness and convenience.

Every season, numerous Japanese cosmetic brands captivate us by introducing new beauty products alongside timeless classics that have been on the market for a long time. But have you ever wondered which products truly stand out among the vast selection? Or perhaps you're curious about the beauty choices of Japanese girls amidst the multitude of options available. If you find yourself agreeing with these thoughts, Please Please check our website or contact us.

We are a premier Japanese wholesaler of cosmetics and skincare products. We welcome all businesses, from small startups to large corporations, and are proud to provide the highest quality, 100% authentic and genuine products from renowned brands. Our extensive experience in the beauty industry spans over five years and we are confident that you will find the perfect items for your business in our catalog.


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KANEBO Unify System Skincare "ON. & IN.

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The Hope of “Life Intelligence”

Origin of life.
It was born in the sea and
has evolved by adapting to harsh environmental changes such as rising from the sea to the land.

Same with the skin. It has a hidden strength and beauty that has adapted to the surrounding environment, such as ultraviolet rays and dryness . Because we believe in our skin, we have hope for its future and can become stronger and more beautiful. The hope of life intelligence. In order to feel and believe in inner hope, and to live more like me in the future. We focus on the beauty that each person has and nurture that beauty.

KANEBO proposes skincare "ON. & IN." that enhances beauty. Let hope dwell in it and draw it out.
With a two-step care that changes the skin care steps of the past, it draws out the beauty of each person without being bound by what you decide yourself.

STEP1:Kanebo On Skin Essence V/F

A lotion that focuses on the stratum corneum​
Cosmetic lotion care that focuses on the stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of the skin, has a barrier function that keeps the skin moisturized, and plays a major role in the impression of the skin. As soon as you put it on your skin, it fills with moisture and makes your skin soft.



STEP2:Kanebo Cream in Day & Night​

Cream inspired by vernix
Adopts a cream formulation inspired by the vernix that wraps the immature skin of babies. His more evolved * morning and night creams keep your skin moisturized all day long, enhancing the beauty of your skin every time you use it.



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Release The FANCL Statement Series This Week!!!

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1. Nothing Harmful
FANCL eliminates any ingredients that can cause skin issues, and strictly source only raw materials that are verified to be safe, functional, and without any harmful additives.

2. Sensitivity Safe
Products are completely free from harmful ingredients which irritate your skin and designed even for sensitive skin. We only use ingredients which are strictly compliant for use with sensitive skin.

3. 100% Preservative-Free
Why eliminate preservatives? Preservatives cause a lot of stress to our skin. By leaving them out, it allows high-quality ingredients to be absorbed directly into the skin, resulting in much better efficacy.

4. Pharmaceutical-Quality
Making 100% preservative-free products is no easy feat! We use pharmaceutical-level technology and processes to eliminate bacteria in the manufacturing process. FANCL is one of the few skin care brands in the world to achieve this by using sterile environments, hermetically sealed containers, and small amounts of product to be used up quickly.
With FANCL supplements, you can choose according to your purpose and lifestyle. Together with moderate exercise and a well-balanced diet, you can have a fun and healthy life! Next, I would like to introduce you to a few products that I am also using.
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The introduction of decorte new sunscreen use difference

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Fresh, comfortable water film veil UV 

Stronger and more comfortable.
Equipped with new technology, the sun shelter has been reborn.
Veil UV (Even Water Veil Technology), a water film with a fresh feeling of use,
spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin, demonstrating a high level of protection. It effectively protects the skin
from not only UV rays but also airborne fine particles such as dryness, dust and pollen , while maintaining comfort. Not only the skin but also the heart is fresh and comfortable. Experience advanced UV care on your skin.

You can choose from 4 types according
to the usage scene and finish preference.

Sun Shelter Multi Protection Comfort  SPF50+/PA++++
Both high UV protection and fresh moisture.
A sunscreen that leaves your skin plump, moist, smooth and bright thanks to the veil UV of the water film that doesn't feel burdensome.

Sun Shelter Multi Protection Extreme Comfort  SPF30/PA+++
Airy and fresh feel.
Light and comfortable to wear. A sunscreen that leads to smooth skin with a bare skin feel.

Sun Shelter Multi Protection Very Water Resistant  SPF50+/PA++++
High UV protection effect lasts, waterproof against sweat, sebum, and rubbing.
The veil UV of the water film adheres tightly to the skin without stickiness or burden. Sunscreen that leads to supple, firm and bright skin.

Sun Shelter Multi Protection Tone Up CC  SPF50+/PA++++
Maintains transparency with a pleasant skincare touch.
A tone-up CC with natural coverage that brings out the beauty of bare skin with an essence cream base.

10 Lavender Rose
Lavender that brings out the natural translucence and complexion of the skin and tone it up.

01 light beige
Light beige that blends well with the skin.

02 beige
Beige color that blends well with the skin.

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What our customer discuss about Japanese Cosmetic?

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1.What brand is similar to Shiseido?
Japan is renowned for its cosmetics industry, offering a diverse range of high-quality products. To help you navigate this vast landscape of Japanese beauty brands, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top six most common brands in Japan. Our aim is to provide you with a valuable reference guide that can assist you in making informed decisions when purchasing Japanese cosmetics. From globally recognized names to locally beloved brands, this list offers a wide variety of options that cater to all your beauty needs.
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