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Combine the timeless charm that will be loved forever with your uniqueness to create a new dimension of beauty. With a soft texture like velvet and a transparency that melts into the skin, you can easily achieve a unique nuance. Basic colors with a variety of textures bring out your personality and express your multifaceted charm.



PALETTE All 11 types 💲59.9



    Texture: Sparkle Color with high-density, high-brightness pearls
  •  BLEND
    Texture: A nuanced color that blends into the skin without the need for matte techniques Soft matte finish with a moist and smooth texture
  •  MOOD
    Texture: Pearl Delicate color with a symbolic mood An elegant finish with a glossy color as you see it
    Texture: Pearl An elegant shade color that tightens the impression of the eyes. A finish with a sense of depth with a delicate luster



  1. Take the mood color on a large tip and spread it from the frame line of the upper eyelid.
  2. Take the blend color on a large brush, and gently spread it over the entire eye hole to blur the edge from the top of 1.
  3. Take the blend color on a small brush and put it on the lower eyelid to create a three-dimensional effect. If you want to keep it simple, you can do it here.
  4. Gently take the depth color on a small tip and put it on the frame line.
  5. Take the sparkle color on your finger and apply it from the inner corner of the eye to the center of the eyelid by tapping lightly.

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