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SUQQU's cosmetics and real reviews are summarized. What are the classic popular products, new arrivals for winter 2022? Let's check everyone's recommended and topical products!

No1.SUQQU Signature Color

“At any rate, the quality of the texture shines through...!!✨ The powder is quite light as it melts into your eyelids.”

No2.SUQQU Tone Touch Eyes


“Good coloring and good mochi ◎ A wide range of colors! Even though it is so glittery, it has a high adhesion and does not fly.”

No3.SUQQU Pure Color Blush

“It contains fine pearls throughout, so when you apply it, it gives a natural luster and makes your skin beautiful!”

No4.SUQQU Moisture Rich Lipstick

“Textures and colors that are suitable for skin of all ages! It spreads like a lip balm♡”

No5.SUQQU Comfort Lip Fluid Fog 

“It's not too matte, not too glossy, just the perfect misty texture! This fluffy texture is so cute♡”

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