ARTISTIC&CO  Dr.arrivo Zeus II
ARTISTIC&CO  Dr.arrivo Zeus II
ARTISTIC&CO  Dr.arrivo Zeus II
ARTISTIC&CO  Dr.arrivo Zeus II
ARTISTIC&CO  Dr.arrivo Zeus II
ARTISTIC&CO  Dr.arrivo Zeus II
ARTISTIC&CO  Dr.arrivo Zeus II
ARTISTIC&CO  Dr.arrivo Zeus II
ARTISTIC&CO  Dr.arrivo Zeus II
ARTISTIC&CO  Dr.arrivo Zeus II

ARTISTIC&CO Dr.arrivo Zeus II

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Color Athena Rose

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Dr.Arrivo Zeus II. (Size: 189 x 55 x 58mm/Body weight: 151g)

 Highest spec in the Dr.Arrivo series. "Zeus II", which has many functions, has the power to maximize the potential of beauty. Nine golden elements grip the skin firmly, filling you with a rhythmic sensation reminiscent of the esthetician's tapping.

The warmth of being wrapped in the palm of your hand, the stimulation that permeates you. The satisfaction of training, being healed and evolving while immersing yourself in a moment of bliss. We will deliver to you a world of beauty that is abundantly strong and endlessly uplifting.

1. EMS mode
facial muscle training upward skin
For skin that is concerned about facial lines and smile lines, it is important to train facial muscles that support beauty. EMS is the action of a weak electric current that trains inner muscles such as facial muscles. It is said that only 30% of facial muscles are used in daily life, and you can train them every day.

2. RF mode
Warm from the core with radio waves, Lucky
Our face is exposed to the outside air and is easy to get cold. In RF mode, 200kHz radio waves generate heat to keep you warm. Gradually and enchanted is the real pleasure of beauty treatment. Revitalized skin, so that it is lively and bouncy.

3. M/U mode (MFIP/ULTRA PULSE mode)
Introduce*to train warm three action beauty that enhances each other
Both are technologies that simultaneously achieve the three functions of insert pulse, EMS, and medium/high frequencies. By working all three at the same time, you can bring out your beauty more effectively. It is the Ultra Pulse that constantly outputs these from the element. On the other hand, MFIP outputs intermittently. I imagined the sensation of tapping by an esthetician. Zeus II uses 9-MFIP, which allows current to flow in a more complicated pattern from 9 elements, giving you a particularly luxurious effect and experience.

4. LED mode
at the wavelength of light, Treatment by trouble
You can change the color of the LED according to your skin concerns.
Full light: For various skin problems
Red: For sluggish face lines
Green: For skin that desires transparency
Blue: For skin that is concerned about excess sebum
Blinking: For finishing care

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