The introduction of decorte new sunscreen use difference

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Fresh, comfortable water film veil UV 

Stronger and more comfortable.
Equipped with new technology, the sun shelter has been reborn.
Veil UV (Even Water Veil Technology), a water film with a fresh feeling of use,
spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin, demonstrating a high level of protection. It effectively protects the skin
from not only UV rays but also airborne fine particles such as dryness, dust and pollen , while maintaining comfort. Not only the skin but also the heart is fresh and comfortable. Experience advanced UV care on your skin.

You can choose from 4 types according
to the usage scene and finish preference.

Sun Shelter Multi Protection Comfort  SPF50+/PA++++
Both high UV protection and fresh moisture.
A sunscreen that leaves your skin plump, moist, smooth and bright thanks to the veil UV of the water film that doesn't feel burdensome.

Sun Shelter Multi Protection Extreme Comfort  SPF30/PA+++
Airy and fresh feel.
Light and comfortable to wear. A sunscreen that leads to smooth skin with a bare skin feel.

Sun Shelter Multi Protection Very Water Resistant  SPF50+/PA++++
High UV protection effect lasts, waterproof against sweat, sebum, and rubbing.
The veil UV of the water film adheres tightly to the skin without stickiness or burden. Sunscreen that leads to supple, firm and bright skin.

Sun Shelter Multi Protection Tone Up CC  SPF50+/PA++++
Maintains transparency with a pleasant skincare touch.
A tone-up CC with natural coverage that brings out the beauty of bare skin with an essence cream base.

10 Lavender Rose
Lavender that brings out the natural translucence and complexion of the skin and tone it up.

01 light beige
Light beige that blends well with the skin.

02 beige
Beige color that blends well with the skin.

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