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Dear Customers,

Merry Christmas & Happy new year!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas filled with fun and laughter, and Osakamachi hopes you have a fabulous New Year!

Attention!!:Christmas Sale will be finished in 1.8.2023. 

Use discount code : CHRISTMASGIFT to get 10% off for all of the Osakamachi products.

Get free gift (CipiCipi Glitter Illumination Liner 04 $12.9 ) for purchases over $99!

Brand : Cipi Cipi

Product : CipiCipi Glitter Illumination Liner 04

Colour : 04 Midnight Suger

A sparkly glitter liner that makes your eyes look moist. Four types of glitter and pearls with different grain sizes and brightness create a glittering eye area like illumination. If you put it under your eyes, it will make your tear bags look plump, and if you put it on the center of your eyelids, you can easily make your eye holes look three- dimensional . If you put it on the inner corner of the eye, it will also have an epicanthoplasty line effect. Formulated with vegetable film agents*. Adheres gently to the skin with a highly adherent base. Uses flexible 0.07mm ultra-fine bristles. You can pinpoint where you want to put glitter with an ultra-fine brush that is easy to draw. Formulated with 9 types of moisturizing ingredients to care for the eye area. While moisturizing, the soft film does not feel tight after it dries, increasing the fixation of glitter. 

 *Cannot be used together with other discounts and coupons.

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